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Static File Server

omni_httpd dispatching can include a static file server to handle serving static assets through omni_vfs virtual filesystem later.


The following extensions are required:

  • omni_vfs
  • omni_mimetypes


As discussed in omni_vfs documentation, one needs to define a mount point.

create function mount_point() 
    returns omni_vfs.local_fs
    language sql as
select omni_vfs.local_fs('/path/to/dir')

This example above returns a local filesystem-based VFS. In production, you may want to consider other filesystems.

Now, we want to update our listener handler to serve this filesystem alongside with some other endpoints:

 update omni_httpd.handlers
     query =
    omni_httpd.cascading_query(name, query order by priority desc nulls last)
 from (select * from omni_httpd.static_file_handlers('mount_point', 0)
      union (values
                  $$ select omni_httpd.http_response('passed') from request where request.path = '/test'$$, 1))) routes)

The above connects mount_point() filesystem and defines a handler for /test (with a higher priority).