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Reverse Proxy

omni_httpd has a capability to respond to HTTP requests with other outcomes. Of a particular interest is http_proxy as it allows us to dynamically proxy and re-process the incoming HTTP request to a backend:

    omni_httpd.http_proxy('' || request.path)

The above will simply redirect all incoming requests to (port 9000) over plain HTTP with the request path being sent as-is.

This approach retrieving the target for proxying dynamically based on data in the database, the incoming request itself or any other data that can be retrieved in a query.

Potential performance implications

This is a new feature and it hasn't been extensively benchmarked. Determining proxying information in runtime may have some performance implications.

In the future, we may provide a dedicated configuration for backend proxying that will allow for configuration-time resolution of the backends (for example, to fetch them from a table), if the performance implications will be too taxing in some use-cases.

Additional Options

omni_httpd.http_proxy takes the following optional parameters:

Name Description Default
preserve_host Pass Host header from the incoming request to the backend true