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omni_httpd serves HTTP connections by employing a fleet of background workers.

There's a master worker that handles starting HTTP workers and handling configuration change requests 1

There are multiple HTTP workers 2. Each HTTP worker is an instance of Postgres and can therefore handle incoming requests. This is done by running handlers defined in the omni_httpd.handlers table on the main thread, and handling network I/O of HTTP requests and responses on a secondary thread 3.

To enable scenarios where multiplexing is possible (such as HTTP/2), omni_httpd will attempt to re-send incoming HTTP/2 (or higher) requests to other workers if the current worker is busy handling a request.

Below is a diagram outlining general workflow.

    actor B as Browser
    box lightyellow Multiple instances
      participant H as HTTP server thread
      participant HW as HTTP worker
    participant MW as Master worker
    participant P as Postgres
    actor O as Operator

    P -->> MW: Start background worker
    loop omni_httpd.http_workers GUC times
      MW -->> HW: Start background worker
    HW -->> H: Start
    loop for every request
      B ->> H: HTTP request
      critical Dispatch
       H ->> HW: Request
       HW ->> HW: Run handler query
      option HTTP worker busy (HTTP/2+)
       H ->> H: proxy to another worker
      option HTTP worker busy (HTTP/1)
       H ->> H: Wait until not busy
      HW ->> H: Response
      H ->> B: Response

    O ->> P: Update listeners and/or handlers
Want to know more?
  • 2⃣ Master worker opens the listening socket and shares it with HTTP workers over a UNIX socket (using SCM_RIGHTS). More work needs to be done to improve this. Please consider contributing!
  • 3⃣ Actual HTTP functionality is enabled by awesome h2o web server. Particularly, its libh2o component.

  1. Triggered by changes to omni_httpd.listeners or omni_httpd.handlers or manually using omni_httpd.reload_configuration()

  2. Can be configured using omni_httpd.http_workers configuration variable. Defaults to number of CPU cores online. 

  3. This thread is strictly prohibited from calling into Postgres.