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HTTP server hardening

At this moment, this extension does not provide any additional hardening for the HTTP server functionality to prevent any unintended interaction between the server and the database outside of strict confines of the message passing approach used for their intended way of communication.

We are eager to add support for such hardening (perhaps as an opt-in if it significantly decreases performance). Please consider contributing.

Handler Queries

The security model behind handler query execution relies on the role_name column in the handlers table. It can be set only to the role that is "accessible" to the current user (meaning either it is the same role or the current user can set this role given its permissions.)

Each request will be executed with this role as a security restricted mode that disallows SET ROLE (SECURITY_LOCAL_USERID_CHANGE)1, prevent the code to elevate its privileges.

  1. unless this role is a superuser itself