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omni_containers manages containers that can be automatically connected to the database instance and their lifecycle can be managed from within the database.


Docker engine API should be accessible to the PostgreSQL instance which is configurable through the env variable DOCKER_HOST if not set it defaults to unix domain socket unix:///var/run/docker.sock

Create container

Create and start a container with busybox image(pull if not already present) and run echo Hello world command in it

select * from omni_containers.docker_container_create('busybox', cmd => 'echo Hello world', pull => true);

Returns the container id as the result

NOTICE:  Pulling image busybox
(1 row)

Parameter Type Description Default
image text image name None
cmd text command to run NULL
attach text attach local PostgreSQL as db.omni
start boolean start the container true
wait boolean wait till container exits false
pull boolean pull if image absent false
options jsonb extra options {}

Query container logs

Read the logs of container with a given id

select * from omni_containers.docker_container_logs('9e7');
 Hello world          +

(1 row)

Parameter Type Description Default
id text container id None
stdout bool include stdout true
stderr bool include stderr true
since timestamp without time zone logs since NULL
until timestamp without time zone logs until NULL
timestamps boolean add timestamps to log false
tail integer num of log lines from end NULL

Attach postgres to container

Create a container which connects and sends queries to the postgresql instance

with container as (select * from omni_containers.docker_container_create('',
        cmd => $$psql -c 'create table container_test ();'$$,
        wait => true, pull => true) as id)
        omni_containers.docker_container_inspect(id) -> 'State' -> 'ExitCode' as exit_code,
        omni_containers.docker_container_logs(id)  as logs
exit_code |     logs     
 0         | CREATE TABLE+
(1 row)

Stop container

Stop the container with given id

select * from omni_containers.docker_container_stop('9e7');

Parameter Type Description Default
id text container id None

List images

List the locally available repo_tags using docker images view

select repo_tags from docker_images;
(4 rows)

View schema

Column Type
id text
size bigint
labels jsonb
created_at timestamp with time zone
parent_id text
repo_tags text[]
containers integer
shared_size integer
repo_digests text[]
virtual_size jsonb

Inspect container

Returns the entire inspect output as jsonb

Check the exit code of container with given id

select info->'State'->'ExitCode' as exit_code from docker_container_inspect('9e7') as info;
(1 row)

Parameter Type Description Default
id text container id None